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Check out some of these other interesting pics of Edward.

"Temperatures Rising"

In this 1970's sitcom about the goings-on in an inner city hospital, Ed played Sen. Bradley in this episode. He's on an inspection of the hospital and is rather racist as he wants to make sure the hospital has enough "tokens" on staff.

"77 Sunset Strip"
Don't call me four eyes. Edward looking serious as rich-man-gone-broke Mr. Jacobin in his 1st "77 Sunset Strip" role.

"Entertainment Tonight: What Ever Happened To? 2002"
A nice photo of Edward looking very solomn during a "Get Smart" publicity photo. The picture behind him is from Max and 99's 1st appearance on TV Guide's cover.

"The Last of the Fast Guns"
Here Ed plays Sam Grypton, a no good cowboy who hides out gunslingers in Mexico.

"Johnny Shiloh"
Here Ed plays Union General Thomas in Walt Disney's Wonderful World of color "Johnny Shiloh" starring Kevin Corcoran. Ed appeared in 2 more Disney serials "Texas John Slaughter" and "The Further Adventures of Gallegher."

Princeton Class of 1938
He was a member of the Class of 1938 but only stayed for his freshman year. Photo courtesy of paw.princeton.edu.

"Texas John Slaughter"
Here's Ed in an episode of "Texas John Slaughter," one of many Disney serial shows. Here he plays Lease Harris whose daughter is the girlfriend of Texas John.