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Told you Edward did a LOT of stuff!

"Dick Powell-Reynolds Aluminum Show" Burke's Law Pilot"
Edward getting physical with actor Dean Jones(Det. Phil Winslow) in the pilot for "Burke's Law" which later starred Gene Barry. Edward, here playing handball, is homicide detective Joe Nolan with a great sense of humor even in the midst of murder. In real life, Edward was an athlete. While attending the private Northwood School in Upstate New York as a teen, Edward was on the ski jump team. Actor Jack Carson, who appears in this pilot, also appeared in the film "The Tattered Dress" which featured Ed as reporter Ralph Adams. This show was produced by Aaron Spelling.
"Burke's Law"
Edward as internal affairs investigator Capt. Frank Metcalf who wants to know if one of his men, Det. Tim Tilson(Gary Conway) is involved in a murder. This is Edward's 3rd time working with John Saxon(Lynch). The 1st and 2nd times were in the films "Rock, Pretty Baby"(Jim Daley, Edward played his father Dr. Tom Daley) and it's sequel "Summer Love."
Ed is very uncomfortable as the henpecked husband(Ben Tarbell) in Disney's "Pollyanna." Here he's listnening to the fire and brimstone sermon of the Reverend(Karl Malden). Trivia: Ed was very involved in his Episcopal church in Beverly Hills and he was even an usher there.
"Four Star Performance"
Here he's a baby-faced bar owner named Freddie in the seedy home of Jazz music, Bourbon Street. He meets up with his old friend Jeff(Dick Powell), a musician who's come back after the death of his girlfriend Ellen. Seems a mutual acquaintance, Danny Paris, promised to look out for Ellen but did so by selling her on the streets so she committed suicide. Edward plays the typical barkeep, a tough guy listening to everyone's sob story.
"This is For Me"
I found this on avgeeks.com in an article about Christian films. Apparently Ed appeared in this performance produced by Cathedral films which was started by an Episcopalian. Ed was a practicing Episcopal.
"A Ticklish Affair"
Here's Ed as Captain Haven Hitchcock with Gig Young.
"Boris Karloff's Thriller"
Another stand out peformance, here Edward plays Jim Weeks. He's a married man who lives with his wife Doris, stepdaughter Helen(Jody Fair) and his kid brother Larry(Larry Pennell). Jim learns Doris has been cheating and he strangles her. Larry arrives just after the dirty deed and, as Jim is on the verge of tears, Larry admits he knew about the affair. The younger Weeks hatches a plan to get rid of the body so Jim won't go to jail, but Jim is ready to confess his crime. What's great about this show is that Karloff introduces each actor in the beginning. Edward is introduced and comes out with a very serious look on his face.