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Hail To The Chief

Most of Edwards roles, as you can see, were set in Westerns.

  "Trackdown" Edward's 1st appearance as Sheriff Harper who has locked up young Billy Burkett(Harry Harvey Jr.) for murdering Vern Fowler the father of Billy's beloved Nancy(Barbara Wilson). Texas Ranger Hoby Gillman comes to investigate, convinced Billy is not guilty. Harper has a bad feeling about Hoby nosing around and decides to follow him, in the end saving the Ranger's life. The show stars Robert Culp who worked with Edward, sort of, in an episode of "Get Smart". Edward's Chief character was kind of in the background and had no interaction with Culp(a waiter). Also in this episode, Edward works for the 1st time with Robert Cornthwaite(Jerome Ballard) who played professor Windish on "Get Smart". He and Edward worked on "Destination Space"(as Senator Royce, Edward playing Dr. Easton) and "Rawhide"(Ronald Smith, Edward playing newspaper owner Jason Clark). "Trackdown" was officially endorsed by the state of Texas and the Texas Rangers.

  "Trackdown" Edward's 2nd appearance on the show as influential stable owner George Mason. Chomping on a cigar, Mason looks cool as a posse puts a rope around Char Lopez' neck and sits him on Mason's white horse. Turns out, it was just a scare tactic to get Lopez to confess to murder, but the hanging turns too real after the horse is spooked and runs with Lopez still on its back. Mason is the only one unphased by the sudden hanging. We learn Mason intended to hang Lopez to prevent him from admitting that he saw Mason kill his own stable hand Cal Rainey. Mason thought Rainey was getting too close to his wife Stella Mason(Kasey Rogers). Rainey taught a horse a neat trick: to run towards a lit match. So when Mason lit his cigar the night of the fake hanging, no one but him knew what the horse would do.

  "Trackdown" In Edward's final appearance, as farmer Adam Madson. Hoby questions Madson after salesman Manny Brock is killed. He was last seen with Madson's daughter Pearl(Judith Braun) who planned to run off with Brock. Pearl is acting very strange, she laughs uncontrolably when someone mention Brock's name. Turns out, she's been hypnotized by the Madson's farmhand Jerry Kelso(Carleton Carpenter)to kill Brock and laugh at him when she hears his name. Kelso was in love with Pearl and Adam had betrothed her to Kelso. Edward's character gets beat up and dragged on the floor by the scruff of his neck in this episode. Edward looks good with the few days growth of beard.