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Hail To The Chief

As you can see, Ed was a very versatile actor

The Explosive Generation
As Mr. Morton, the principal of a high school where teacher Peter Gifford(William Shatner) is teaching his class about sex education.
Kraft Suspense Theatre: The Gun
As Sam, a patient of dentist Bert Andrews(Eddie Albert). Andrews has angered his wife and son because they were robbed and he refuses to have a gun.
Peter Gunn: The Semi-Private Eye
As Edward Cranfield, a sleazy investor with murder on his hands. lists his charcter as James Crawford. This is the second time Ed worked with Billy Gray(Bud from "Father Knows Best"). The other time was in the film "The Explosive Generation."
Appearance 2 of 3 in Wagon Train: The Frank Carter Story
As attorney Cyrus Bolton who has an idea to use Duke Shannon(Denny Miller) as a look-alike for a woman's dead son.
Appearance 3 of 3 in Wagon Train: The Maidie Brant Story
As Spinoza de Costa, a rabbi looking to help a widow and her son. Some listings credit Edward as Orbio de Costa.
Mr. Novak: A Feeling For Friday
As concerned father Bernard Perry whose son is failing in Mr. Novak's(James Franciscus) class.
Appearnce 1 of 6 of Arrest and Trial: Onward & Upward
Edward played a judge in various episodes. The show was similar to "Law & Order." This is the second time Ed works with William Shatner. They also worked together in the film "The Explosive Generation."
Military Photo
Ed serving his country during WWII as a radio operator in the Air Corp.

Hollywood Backstage
A small film about the cast of "Get Smart" attending a dinner at The Ambassador hotel in LA. Ed is the in the limo with Don Adams, their wives and the cameraman.

The Hollywood Hackers
Another film from Hollywood Backstage. This one is about the Hollywood Hackers, a group of entertainers who got togther to play golf, support charities and just have fun. One of the many members was Alan Hale, jr. He and Ed worked together on the film "Bullet For A Badman."