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Hail To The Chief

Here Edward lends an air of authority.

"They Came To Cordura"
Even in the 1900's the press was still hanging out with the military on the front lines. Here Edward plays no-nonsense Col. DeRose, fighting off Pancho Villa's men and trying to keep reporters in the dark without giving away vital information.This is Edward's 1st time working with Tab Hunter(Lt. William Fowler). The 2nd is in "Gunman's Walk"(as tough guy Ed Hackett, Edward played Purcell Avery an Indian Affairs agent)

Edward plays an unamed Medical Corp instructor picking on Joe McConnell(Alan Ladd), a non-com. officer who wants to fly airplanes in this bio pic about the Korean war flying ace.

Below he plays the warden of San Quetin, questioning Bill Judlow(Jack Palance in a dual role) the twin brother of escaped convict Arnie Judlow.Coincidentally, Jack Palance played gunslinger Jack Wilson in "Shane" which starred Alan Ladd(Shane) and was one of Edward's favorite movies.

"The McConnell Story"

"House Of Numbers"