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Hail To The Chief

Curious to see Ed as a beatnik? Check out the more bizarre roles he's played.

"Omar Khayyam"
Edward holds up a sacred dagger as Jayhan, member of a religious cult out to rule early Persia.
"Atlantis, The Lost Continent"
A touching moment as Azor a holyman of Atlantis, comforting Princess Antillia(Joyce Taylor) who has come home from a visit to the mortal world. Azor tells of many horrible things that are to befall Atlantis.
"The Rebel Set"
Oh my! Ed as educated, beatnik wannabe Mr. Tucker, with money and murder on his mind. He plans a little million dollar heist with 3 patrons, saying he'll cut them in on the deal. After he sits and watches them do all the work, they agree to meet onboard a train bound for New York. Little do they know that Tucker is hiding from them and plans to cut them OUT of the deal, literally...
The Broadway Show "Stalag 17"
Here's Ed with the cast of "Stalag 17." It was another Jose Ferrer show in which Ed performed in. The two were good friends actually. One source explains that Ed's character Hoffman does a lot of swearing in the show, but that's according to 1950's standards. Probably very tame compared to our times.
"Men Into Space"
Edward into Space! As Dr. Luraski, who's leary that an astronaut has proof there's life on other planets. Edward got to fly around on wires and gave an impressive performance as a man in zero gravity, years before man reached the moon. This show is the tweeked version of "Destination Space" a pilot that Edward guest starred in.
"Cult of The Cobra"
Okay, Edward does not look good in a Van Dyke. He literally pops up out of nowhere in this one scene. This B-flick involves a group of GI's in an unknown country. They're about to get their kicks witnessing a sacred ritual where men worship a half-woman/half-snake goddess. The GI's try to take pictures and all hell breaks loose. They run but not before Edward puts a curse on them. He has no character name other than "Lamian threatening death" and goes uncredited. Hey, at least Edward made it into the film trailer.
"The Lawless Years"
Handsome mug shot! Ed reaches deep into his NY roots to play mob boss Nick Sarecki. He tries to talk like a New Yorker("I said don't do no killing"). His men are forcing protection money from truck drivers, one in particular Joe Angelo(Arthur Batanides).Believe it or not this was based on a true story.