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Let's head out West and take a look at some of the roles Edward had in Westerns, one of his favorite genres.

"The Rifleman"
Edward, looking a bit like Ulysses S. Grant, as Senator Borden who's life is threatened.Here he stars with Chuck Connors(Lucas McCain).

As Jason Clark, the foreman of a jury where one of the members is being threatened to vote not guilty.
Edward looking dapper(even with mutton chops) as landowner Mr. Burgess. Seems squatters Josh Nolan and his wife(Ainslic Pryor and Jeanne Bates) won't get off the property he will soon own. The current owner plans to smoke them out or else, but Burgess knows they're poor and is happy to share the land. This is one of the rare 30 minute episodes of the long running series. He's also credited as Ed Platt.
"The Overland Trail"
Here you can see Edward as an angry Dr. John Mandaley. He's on the run from the law after murdering his wife and her lover. His cover as Jacob Bronson is blown when his ethics force him to save Martha Cable(Dody Heath) from a burst appendix.
"The Proud Ones"
Edward makes things a little brighter in the Old West as Doctor Barlow. He's forced to tell sheriff Cass Silver(Robert Ryan) to hang it up after Cass suffers from vision problems caused by a blood clot. Robert Ryan also appeared in an episode of  "Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theater" which featured Edward as Sheriff Galt.
"The Virginian"
A disappointing role for Edward. He plays burn victim Stuart Brynmar but we only see him 3-4 times throughout the show, mostly in wide shots and all covered in black. The only close up is this one from behind. He only speaks in the last five minutes of the show, but it's still an emotional performance. This episode also co-stars Victor French(as Michael) who played Agent 44 in the 1st season of "Get Smart."
"Have Gun, Will Travel"
Edward shows that not all bad guys wear black. As Arnold Oakland, an influential man who rigs things so mayor Ben Trask(Bobby Hall) will stay in office. He even goes so far as to help kill a general store clerk looking to unveil Trask's shaddy dealings.
As Sheriff Ben Lockwood, getting courage from the bottle after learning an old nemesis, Dr. Miles Gilis(Vaughn Taylor), returns to town. Gilis wants revenge against the men in town who put him in jail during the Civil War, this includes Lockwood. He puts the fear into Lockwood, saying the lawman will never know when his demise will come. Only Bronco(Ty Hardin) believes the Doctor is back to start a new life,but Bronco's instincts are proven wrong. A very young Chad Everett plays Edward's deputy Johnny Davis, who has a sinister side.
"Wagon Train"
Edward looks a little too much like Santa Claus. Here he's Matthew Sinclair,a religious hypocrite who would rather spout Bible verses than listen to reason. He, his daughter Sarah(Joan Evans) and son Davey(Terry Kelman) live on a farm that's facing a drought. By chance they meet Duke LeMay, who ran from Wagon Train's Flint McCullough(Robert Horton) who was taking LeMay in for murder. LeMay hides his true identity and brightens the Sinclair's day saying he can find water with divining rods. But, McCullough arrives to cart LeMay off. Soon Sinclair turns on LeMay, who has been nothing but admirable all this time. LeMay asks that he be given the chance to find water. This is Edward's 1st of 3 appearances on the show.He also plays in episodes: The Frank Carter Story and The Maidie Brant Story as Orbio de Costa.
"Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theater"
Edward is about to hand in his badge as Sheriff Galt. Seems a jury wants to find gunslinger Tod Owen(David Janssen) guilty of murder without going over the facts. But Tom(Robert Ryan) thinks Owen should have a fair trial. Galt is ticked and when the jury decides to set Owen free, Galt asks them to find another Sheriff. Owen, shows his gratitude by taking Galt hostage and plans on killng him. This is Edward's 1st of 2 "Zane Grey" appearances, and the 2nd time working with Dick Powell(who is only seen as the narrator). They 1st worked together in "Four Star Performance"(as Jeff a Jazz musician, Edward as barkeep Freddie), the 3rd is "Dick Powell-Reynolds Aluminum Show" Burke's Law Pilot(Amos Burke, Edward as one of his men Det. Joe Nolan). Actor David Janssen also appeared in the film "Cult Of The Cobra" in which Edward had no character name and was uncredited. He just shouts a word and points(rather creepy performance).
"The Deputy"
He takes a licking and keeps on ticking as Noah Harper who learns his boy Bret is killed over a woman. Deputy Clay McCord's(Allen Case) best friend Sgt. Tasker(Reed Morgan)is accused of the murder. Turns out Sarge was protecting Rosaria(Lisa Mantell) from Bret, who was attacking her. But, she's an illegal Mexican alien who's hiding out. Now it's McCord's turn to step in and find her so she can tell the truth and save the Sarge from a noose. Noah wants her dead so she won't tarnish Bret's name. McCord, using his fists, changes Noah's mind.
As Neil Shipley with eyes that can burn a hole right through you. A very disturbing role for Edward. He's cold, calculating and vicious. Seen here at a murder trial he's not even phased, instead he plays with a loaded bullet. He and his two brothers Burt(Michael Pate) and Tom(Wayne Mallory) get away with murder, literally, after killing two Native Americans. They bully the townfolk and when young Frank Madden(Guy Madison) moves next door to the brothers, he won't take their guff. This only angers the Shipley's who don't know Frank is really Neola, a half breed. This is the 1st time Edward works with actress Kathryn Grant(Taini), the 2nd time is "Gunman's Walk"(where she also plays a Native American named Clee, Edward played Indian Affairs Agent Purcell Avery). Edward also works with Michael Pate for the 1st time. The Australian actor later guest starred on an episode of "Get Smart" as ballet dancer Emilio Naharana.
"Bullet For A Badman"
Speaking of Bullet...Edward plays Tucker, the member of a posse out to find bank robber Sam Ward(Darren Mcgavin). They find Ward and his gal, and end up holding them hostage. Tucker and Logan Keliher(Audey Murphy) are the only ones looking for justice. The others want to kill Ward, take the money and have fun with his girl Lottie(Ruta Lee). Standing behind Edward is actor Alan Hale Jr.(Leach) During this film, Alan rode a horse through the Nevada desert, hitchiked and hopped a plane to LA to try out for the role of Jonas Grumby, aka the Skipper in "Gilligan's Island". After the screen test, he went all the way back to the Nevada desert to finish the film.
"Gunman's Walk"
Here Edward plays Indian Affairs agent Purcell Avery out to investigate the death of a half-breed played by...Burt Convy(Paul Chouard). The two worked together on an "Alfred Hitchcock" episode. This is also Edward's 1st time working with Tab Hunter(Ed Hackett), the 2nd time was in "They Came To Cordura"(Lt. William Fowler, Edward as Col. DeRose).