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The many, many faces of Edward Platt.

"Designing Woman"
Edward plays slick, well educated mobster Martin J. Daylor, who likes to fix boxing matches. Here he tries to put a scare into sports writer Mike Hagen(Gregory Peck)who's writing a scathing article about Daylor. Edward works with Gregory Peck for the 1st time in this film.  "Cape Fear" was their 2nd outing. In 1953, Edward worked at the LaJolla Playhouse where Peck was on the board of directors. Actor Chuck Connors(Johnnie O) also appears in this film. He and Ed first worked together on "The Rifleman"(Edward as Sen. Borden) and again in "Arrest And Trial" (Ed as the judge). Actor Alvy Moore(Mr. Kimball from "Green Acres") is in this film and also appeared in the "Dick Powell-Reynolds Aluminum Show" Burke's Law pilot featuring Ed( as Det. Joe Nolan). Final note, actor/singer Dean Jones makes an appearance in this film. He and Ed also worked together on the Burke's Law Pilot.
"Mr. Lucky"
Here Edward once again plays a well educated mobster named Mr. Henry Praiswater. He sits and relaxes while his goons do the dirty work, looking for henchman Bugsy McKenna(Gavin MacLeod) on Mr. Lucky's(John Vivyan) casino boat. Bugsy decided to embezzle some of the syndicate's money. Another disturbing role with Edward as a cold, vengful killer(played in a campy style) who actually punches out Mrs. Bugsy(Barbara Stuart).
"Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea"
Edward back on the right side of the law as secret service agent Morgan out to protect President McNeil(Ford Rainey) while he has emergency surgery aboard a submarine.An interesting note, towards the end of the show there's a line of dialogue that Edward says but it is clearly NOT his voice. This is common in re-recordings at the studio. If they need to fix the audio track but the actor is not available to re-do it they get someone else to dub it. This happened with Edward in a scene from one of "The Outer Limits" episodes.
"The Helen Morgan Story"
A dashing Edward Platt as cop Johnny Haggerty with a soft spot for dames on the wrong side of the tracks. Here he sits in a speakeasy(drinking only coffee) listening to the melodic voice of Helen Morgan(Ann Blyth) in this biopic.Meanwhile, he's hoping to get some info on the whereabouts of her mobster boyfriend Larry Maddux(Paul Newman).
"Rebel Without A Cause"
Edward's most famous role, next to the Chief. Here as Juvenile Officer Ray Fremick who's just floored young Jim Stark(James Dean) during a fight. Fremick is ready for more but realizes Stark is all talk and soon befriends the confused teen. This is Edward's 1st movie with Natalie Wood(Judy), "Cash McCall"(Lory Austen) is his 2nd. Actor Sal Mineo (John "Plato" Crawford) worked with Ed in the film "Rock, Pretty Baby"(Edward as Dr. Tom Daley).
Edward looking leary as Mr. Booker, a cosmetic company CEO who's listening to an Ad pitch by Grover Stevens. Its actually Darrin(Dick Sargent) who has been turned into an old man by Endora but must pretend he's Darrin's grandpa Grover, for Larry Tate's sake and sanity.
"The Breaking Point"
Edward, seen here taking a drag as Juvenile Officer Callahan, investigating the attack of a young Julie Conning(Lori Martin). Callahan tells distraught father Roger Conning(Edmond O'Brien) that he's investigated dozens of cases which turn out to be false because the girl either wants attention...or is pregnant. But, as the father points out, she's only 14. Quite a controversial subject for 1960's TV. Interestingly enough Edward is NOT credited in this show but the officer who is next to him for this one scene, is!