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Hail To The Chief

A versatile performer

"The Black Zoo"
Here Edward plays another Chief, chief of Detectives who is wondering how people in the Hollywood area are being killed...by zoo animals. The imdb.com lists Edward as playing Det. Rivers.
"A Young Edward Platt"
A star is born! Here Edward plays dress up with his cousins. Edward does look good in a moustache, even a droopy one. Notice he has his left arm behind his back. I've noticed he would take such a pose in many of his films and tv appearances(photo reprinted with permission of the Platt family).
"The Odd Couple TV Show"
The Captain and Manzoni reunite! Here Edward plays Bill Donnelly, Oscar Madison's(Jack Klugman) boss. He has a habit of firing and rehiring Oscar but Felix(Tony Randall) doesn't like it a bit. He goes to tell Donnelly that he's not a nice man, which only makes Donnelly mad and he decides to permanently fire Oscar. Edward and Tony Randall appeared together on Broadway in "Oh Captain!" in 1958. John Astin appears in this episode as a Hugh Heffner-esq character. He appeared in a Twilight Zone episode that Ed appeared in.
"Cape Fear(1962)"
Edward gets his 15 minutes of fame, literally. Here he plays a southern judge listening to lawyer Sam Bowden's(Gregory Peck) arguments. Edward's character is unamed and is featured in the first 12 mins. He also has a cute southern drawl. Trivia: Edward appeared in "Stalag 17" at the LaJolla Playhouse in 1953 where Peck was on the board of directors.

Here Ed strikes a unique but cool pose as small town sheriff J.C. Marson trying to help Jim Slater(Richard Widmark) find his father's killer. Widmark offers to tell Marson his name to which Marson says "I don't want to know your name." Trivia note, again some bad dubbing. For one line, we see Ed's character mouthing the words but we hear something completely different. At least it's his own voice, unlike in "The Outer Limits" and "Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea."
"Shock Treatment"
Once again Ed appears in the first 15 mins, he has no character name and is not credited. Here Ed's a prosecutor trying to prove that Martin Ashley(Roddy McDowall) can be tried for murdering a woman for money even though Martin has a history of mental illness. That's according to his doctor, Edwina Beighley(Lauren Bacall). This is Ed's 4th and final film with Bacall.
"Sincerely Yours"
Here Ed is Dr. Eubanks, trying to break the news to Piano sensation Anthony Warrin(Liberace) that he's deaf and could stay that way unless he undergoes a dangerous operation. Most of the interaction between Ed and Lee is made up of pointing and writing on a pad. Also a rare occassion to see Ed smoke as his characters seldom do. Trivia: actress  Dorothy Malone co-stars in this film. She also appeared in "Written on the Wind" which Ed had a small role in. Malone won an Oscar for her performance.  Dorothy was married to french actor Jacques Bergerac who played the fiance of Agent 99(Barbara Feldon)in the "Get Smart" episode 99 Loses Control. Elderly character actor Ian Wolfe(Mr. Rojeck the therapist) appeared in the Disney film "Pollyanna" in which Ed played a sort-of henpecked husband.
"Bat Masterson"
What do you call a mob boss in the old west? I don't know either but that's what Ed plays as Roy Evans. He's the big fish in a tiny pond called Leadville. Seems he's not too happy with the female newspaper owner who's writing about all the killers and gunslingers in the old west. She even slanders our Bat Masterson who tries to make her see the light. Evans tries to get Masterson out of the way, but fails.

"Arrest And Trial"
Ed is calling for order in the court, looks more like he's taking a lunch order with that pencil in his hand instead of a gavel! Here he plays the judge in a very unique show. The first half shows a person being arrested(hence the arrest part) and the second half is the trial(hence the trial). Sort of a pre-"Law & Order." He's overhearing a case of paper delivery man Frank Santo(Telly Savalas)accused of killing his boss Mr. Wilton(Robert Bice)who was into the mob. Also an interesting note Michael Dunn plays a newspaper vendor in this episode. He's known to Smartians as Mr. Big in the pilot for "Get Smart."

"Dr. Hudson's Secret Journal"
Here Ed plays a burn doctor who is planning to operate on a young burn victim but he's affraid. It seems the girl is severly depressed about her situation and that will drastically affect the outcome of her surgery. I was quite impressed at Ed's ability to recite the technicalities of skin grafting. An incredibly smart man.