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Hail To The Chief

Beyond "The Chief." These photos on the following pages show just a glimpse of how versatile an actor Ed was.

As cop Phil Molloy in "Surfside 6", who's left his wife for coniving Bonnie Scott(Mara Corday). A mid-life crisis you could say. This is, by far, the "hottest" performance Ed ever gave. He really shows a variety of emotions, probably his best performance.

Here Ed plays Joseph Costa in the film "Damn Citizen." Costa owns some legitimate businesses but is a mob boss who likes to blackmail, take pills and hit women.

Here Ed plays Roland Dane, the commander of a fort in Oregon. He's insanely jealous of his wife(and has good reason) and is willing to die for her.

Here Ed plays a doctor and good friend in "The Gift of Love" as Dr. Jim Miller.

A rare photo. I found this from a collector. It was taken on the set of "Reprisal" with Ed talking to a fellow cast member.

Here's Ed(with Eileen Rogers)as they record the soundtrack to "Oh Captain!" Ed(who played Enrico Manzoni) and Eileen sang the duet "You're so right for me." Ed sings a few more songs on this album. Personally, I like Ed with a mustache and beard.

Edward cuts quite a dashing figure as Dr. Tom Daley in "Rock, Pretty Baby." He re-creates the role in the sequel(the only movie sequel Edward ever did) "Summer Love."

Here's he's a doctor in "The Twilight Zone" wondering how a man from the 1800's, Christian Horn(Cliff Robertson), wound up in a 1960's diner in Arizona(and NO, it's not Mel's Diner).This is the 1st time Ed works with John Astin(a wagon pioneer). The 2nd time is in "The Odd Couple" (Ed as Bill Donnelly)

Nice Hat. But seriously, Edward plays psychologist Dr. Wallace Oliver on "Hawaiian Eye". His Japanese patient Yuki Shimoda(Yuko Mitsuki) has just escaped from an assylum and thinks its World War II.

Getting blackmailed over the phone, as land developer Tom Stratton in his 1st "Perry Mason" appearance. Edward was a hot commodity with Warner Bros. who produced "Perry Mason" and some of the other Detective and Western shows Edward is featured in.

Edward's 2nd "Perry Mason" appearance as Navy Cmdr. Driscoll, can he handle the truth?

As DA Ralph Ford in the film "Illegal," cleaning up after predecessor Victor Scott(Edward G. Robinson) steps down due to scandal. Here Ed questions Ellen Miles Borden(Nina Foch).This is Edward's 1st movie with Nina Foch, the 2nd is "Cash McCall"(Edward as Harrison Glenn)

Edward's 1st "Bonanza" appearance as married man Harvey Bufford looking for a kiss from a young Leta Malvet(Susan Oliver) who is shunned by the town, except for the Cartwrights.Ed worked with Lorne Greene(Ben Cartwright) in the film "The Gift Of Love"(Edward as Dr. Jim Miller).

Edward's 2nd "Bonanza" appearance as a landowner named Wade Colly who would rather save his hide than help save a friend's son, Jimmy Partridge, who gets gunned down by a gunslinger.

Edward's final "Bonanza" appearance as Will Flanders, a real estate agent disgusted by his brother Asa Flanders(Warren J. Kemmerling) shady dealings.

Sitcom Central. Here Edward plays Gen. Patterson on "Petticoat Junction". He looks good in fatigues and a frilly apron when he's captured during his own war games and forced to do K.P. at the Shaddy Rest Hotel. In reality, Edward served from 1942 to 1946 in the Army Air Corp as a radio operator.

As Lou Gregory, former DA accusing Rob Petrie(Dick Van Dyke) of cheating at cards "in the suburbs!" on "The Dick Van Dyke Show".This episode was directed by Howard Morris who played Ernest T. Bass on "The Andy Griffith Show" and not only directed the pilot for "Get Smart" but also played the voice of Hodgkins in the episode.

As crusty aerospace engineer Thorne Masterson on "My Three Sons".

Edward's 1st of 3 "The Outer Limits" appearances. Here before bedtime as Dean Radcliffe giving Prof. Harold Finley(Donald Pleasance) a hard time about his experiments.

Here as Mr. Terrence, principal, in his 2nd "The Outer Limits." He shows Roy Benjamin(MacDonald Carrey) the door, when Benjamin tells Terrence that a tutor from the school deparment is really an alien.

His final "The Outer Limits" appearance as research backer David Hunt. He learns scientist Eric Plummer(Warren Stevens) has developed a vaporizing lazer, but doesn't know an alien named Ikar(Robert Webber) helped out in exchange for getting Plummer's emotions. In this scene there's a line Edward says over the phone but is clearly not his voice. Most likely an actor brought in to fix the audio track during re-recording, if Edward wasn't available. This also happens on his appearance in "Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea".

Here as Dr. Paul Cochrane telling Kyle Hadley(Robert Stack) that he's the reason his wife, Lucy Moore Hadley(Lauren Bacall) can't get pregnant in the film "Written On The Wind". This was Edward's 1st of 4 flims with Bacall:"Designing Woman(Edward as Martin J. Daylor), "The Gift Of Love"( Edward as Dr. Jim Miller) which also stars Robert Stack, and Shock Treatment(Edward is uncredited as a prosecutor). Character actor William Shallert is also in this film. He made three appearances in "Get Smart."

What a bedside manner! As Dr. Victor Banner helping Mary Fletcher(Gloria Talbott) in "Dupont Cavalcade of Stars/"Cavalcade Of America." Mary was once an actress but suffered a breakdown when she was supposed to marry her GI sweetheart who is missing. She turned to crime and is revealing things to a psychiatrist. Joi Lansing co-stars. She appeared in sitcom "The Governor and JJ." It was a Leonard Stern show in which Ed made reoccuring appearances as Orrin Hacker.

As Dr. Tom Paulson, who has "the personality of a dentist's drill" according to Dr. Gillespie on "Dr. Kildare".

Ed rolling his eyes on the significance of Sock It To Me! On "Laugh-In".

Ed's 2nd to last acting role, as Julius Nero, a suspect in the murder of his ex-wife in "The Snoop Sisters." This is Edward's 3rd and final outing with Producer Leonard Stern, the 1st being "Get Smart", the 2nd being "The Governor And JJ"(in 4 episodes as politician Orrin Hacker).

Ed's first Hollywood credited film role(his first was "I Was a Male War Bride," an uncredited role. Here Ed plays less than sympathetic brother Harry Downs to Jim Downs(Jose Ferrer) in "The Shrike." Ed recreates his Broadway role. Ed and Jose both went to Princeton and remained good friends.

Edward looking handsome(with hair piece)as Dr. Easton, evaluating a space craft that the government doesn't want to fund. But, it's about to be destroyed by an onboard nuclear meltdown in this unaired Pilot called "Destination Space." Robert Cornthwaite appears in this. He played Prof. Windish on "Get Smart". He also appeared in an episode of "Trackdown" and "Rawhide" which both featured Ed.This pilot was revamped and later produced as "Men Into Space" which Edward also guest starred on.

Bad toupee Alert! Here as Harrison Glenn, the cocky CEO of an efficiency management firm in "Cash McCall". He orders his flunky Gil Clark(Henry Jones) to meet with Cash McCall(James Garner).This is Edward's 2nd film with Natalie Wood(Lory Austen), the 1st being "Rebel Without A Cause"(as Judy, Edward playing Juvenile Officer Ray Fremick).

Return of the Toupee. Edward dons yet another, as DA Henshaw trying to prove young Ben Hollister(Burt Convy) killed a man. Henshaw wins his case and Hollister is put away for life. Just how is Henshaw rewarded? He unwillingly ends up as a speciman in Clay Hollister's(Larry Gates) grusome museum. Burt Convy(of game show fame) appeared in"Gunman's Walk" which also featured Ed. Trivia alert: In this episode Clay Hollister has Henshaw's skeleton on display pointing out to museum visitors that the dead man they're seeing had an injury to his leg most likely caused by a skiing accident. Ed as a teenager was on the ski jump team at a private high school in upstate NY.